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Innovation Partnership Microvoucher Award
Allison Park, PA - 06/07/10 --
PA Innovation Partnership has awarded a MicroVoucher grant to Ultool, LLC for the preparation of an SBIR proposal submitted to the Department of Defense for developing an efficient piston ring sealing technology that will overcome the power loss of UAV engines. Using the MicrVoucher grant, Ultool, LLC will work with Red House Consulting on proposal strategy, commercialization plan, and final proposal.
For more information, contact: info@ultool.com

Allison Park, PA - 04/14/10 -- NSF has awarded an SBIR Phase I project to Ultool, LLC entitled, Environment Benign High Rate Deposition of Alloy Coatings for Electrolytic Hard Chrome. This project aims to develop hard alloy coatings as the replacement of electrolytic hard chrome (EHC) plating that utilizes hexavalent solution, a known carcinogen. In this project, a hybrid process will be used to overcome the drawbacks of low deposition rate, limited ionization, low target utilization, and strictly line of sight deposition of traditional magnetron sputtering. Chromium coatings will be deposited in a batch coater using customized deposition hardware. It is anticipated that the resulted coatings can be applied not only to new parts for wear and corrosion protection, but also to worn parts for repair. For more information, contact: info@ultool.com

Penn State Material Research Institute Industrial Incentive Grant
Allison Park, PA - 05/11/09 --
The Material Research Institute (MRI) of Pennsylvania State University has selected Ultool, LLC as the recipient of Industrial Incentive Grant. MRI provides funds of up to $10,000 for usage charges of coating deposition and material characterization of Ultool’s project entitled Innovative Tribology Coatings for Weapons Systems. Ultool, LLC plans to use the funds to assist the development of wear resistant coatings for defense applications.
For more information, contact: info@ultool.com

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