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Products & Services

Coating Development

Electrolytic Hard Chrome Replacement Coating
Under Construction

Tribological Coatings
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Magnetron Sputtering Source

Round Sputtering Source

 Ultool’s round sputtering sources are built to last by using vacuum compatible materials (stainless steel and OFCH copper), isolating cooling water and magnet module totally from vacuum environment, and connecting utilities through standard vacuum couplings in atmospheric side. The magnetic field is carefully modeled and designed to provide higher deposition rate, better uniformity, and more target utilization. By mounting high strength rare earth magnet in the source, balanced or unbalanced sputtering process can help customers to deposit conductor, semiconductor, dielectrics, and compound films.

Rectangular Sputtering Source

Our rectangular sputtering sources are workhorses for customers to deposit optical, semiconductor, decoration, triblogical, and various functional films on variety of substrates at high deposition rate. The Ultool rectangular sources are made of stainless steel and OFCH copper. Both direct and indirect cooling configuration can be supplied. Again, to respect the vacuum integrity of most customers, cooling lines and power wires are fed through atmospheric side to avoid extra degassing. To assist our customers to reach highest productivity, we use strongest possible magnet module to enhance deposition rate.

Ion Source
Under Construction

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