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Rectangular Sputtering Source

 Our rectangular sputtering sources are workhorses for customers to deposit optical, semiconductor, decoration, triblogical, and various functional films on variety of substrates at high deposition rate. The Ultool rectangular sources are made of stainless steel and OFCH copper. Both direct and indirect cooling configuration can be supplied. Again, to respect the vacuum integrity of most customers, cooling lines and power wires are fed through atmospheric side to avoid extra degassing. To assist our customers to reach highest productivity, we use strongest possible magnet module to enhance deposition rate.

While the standard widths of the sources are 5” and 6”, the length can be assigned by the customer for his/hers specific processes. Standalone mounting method is provided to our customers for maximum flexibility inside vacuum chamber. However, the customers should not hesitate to ask for other installation method such as flange mount if this is their choice. As a matter of fact, every Ultool rectangular source will be designed and fabricated to the customer’s demanding production coating requirements.

  • 5” and 6” width or customer specific width available.
  • Length from 12” up.
  • Strong magnetic module to enhance production deposition rate.
  • Balanced and unbalanced.
  • Strong magnet module for high production deposition rate.
  • Neither cooing tubing nor power wires exposed to vacuum environment.
  • Significant cost reduction.
  • Robust stainless steel and OFCH copper constructions.

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